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Desiree (Gordon) Tomlinson is originally from Hemingway, SC, born on March 16, 1970 (49). She lives in Columbia, SC. Desiree is an author, illustrator, self-publisher, adjunct professor, and disabled/combat veteran, serving twenty honorable years in the United States Army. She has two daughters, Kennedi (Grace, 15) and Kinsley (Mia, 10), and is a proud single parent.

She currently teaches part-time at Midlands Technical College. Teaching is a PASSION of hers, which she learned while serving as a Drill Sergeant, and loves mentoring and interacting with her students. Desiree earned her BS in Public Relations from Bowie State  University (2013) and earned two Master's from Webster University; Management  and Leadership (2015) and Human Resources Development (2018), She is also the Webter University Alumni Chapter President (Columbia, SC).

As a young girl, Desiree enjoyed reading and always wondered and imagined what the authors of her books looked like.  Today, she knows exactly what they look like-her.

Desiree published her first book, Still A Family: A Story Abour Children and Divorce in August 2018, which is children's book. She used a local publishing company and a work colleague, illustrated the book for her. Desiree's inspiration for writing Still A Family, was based on a true story, as she divorced from a 15-year old marriage on April 24, 2015. Desiree wrote Still A Family, giving it the happy ending she desired, when she went through her divorce, but still hasn't achieved. She hopes this book will help other children and parents, better cope with a divorce or family breakup.

Desiree's second book, Grace and Mia Go To Counseling: A Story and Activity Book, published December 2019, is the sequel to Still A Family and is also based on a true story. This book was written to encourage parents to take their children to counseling, while navigating through a divorce or family breakup. Desiree is most proud of this book, because not only did she write it, she also illustrated it and self-published. The book has interactive activities to create dialogue with a child and most importantly, give children a voice, as they are the silent victims of divorces and breakups. Desiree plans to write, illustrate and self-publish the next sequel, as well and will also revise Stiil A Family, to mirror the other books in size, activities and illustrations.

Another book Desiree is currently working on is, How To Make Sweet Lemonade: Overcoming Adversity Like a Champion, which is a book of quotes she created, inspired by tough life situations. After publishing this book, Desiree will use her company, Ken-Sley Kreative Kreations, to begin publishing books for clients.

When Desiree isn't writing, she enjoys decorating her home and cooking delicious meals. Speaking of cooking, she wants to write and publish a cookbook within the next two years.

Desiree is looking forward to expanding her business, and begin conducting  workshops for childen; children and parents, and just parents. She also wants to be a motivational speaker for groups and families, navigating a divorce or family breakup.

One of Desiree's favorite quotes is, "I dream best when awake," and a second quote she lives by, comes from her late grandmother, Irene McCrae, "Only believe."



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