Mission Statement

To inspire all readers, young and old, of all races, and promote positivity, when facing and overcoming adversity.


Our Vision

Ken-Sley Kreative  Kreations, a book company, will write more inspiring feel good stories for the Grace and Mia Series, that can help children and families better cope with adversity or daily issues within our communities and society, such as bullying, poverty and death.

The company will push for school districts and libraries, across the US, to purchase the Grace and Mia Series for students and citizens. Ken-Sley Kreative Kreations will also push for counselors and victim advocates, to use this book series to help their clients better cope with personal issues and concerns. We will also conduct radio and TV interviews, workshops and motivational speeches across the USA.

Ken-Sley Kreative Kreations, within the next few months, will begin publishing books for clients, so that they too, can accomplish their personal goal of becoming a published author