Easy for children to read and relate to.
September 4, 2018
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Format: Paperback
This is a much needed and helpful book for families navigating the ups and down of divorce & family life. It is written where it is younger children can easily understand and relate to. It also lets them know they are not alone nor the only ones that go through divorce.

S. Savoy

That the child/children is still loved by both parents and it's not their fault.
September 23, 2018
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Format: Paperback
This book is an easy and understandable read for any child/children who's living in two different homes.

Sonja Freeman

Good counseling for kids
January 9, 2019
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Format: Paperback
Good read with your kids especially if parents facing a divorce


Positive communication and interacting between parents

January 24, 2019

Format: Paperback

I gave still a family five stars because coming from a single-parent home due to divorce, it reminded me of real-life situations, which I feel is very important in helping children relate to their situation. Still a family is easy to read and understand, which helps people of all ages have a dialogue about divorce especially children. Can't wait for Grace and Mia goes to counseling.

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The Author's Amazon Review:

Much Needed Book for the Silent Victims (Children) of Divorces and Family Breakups!

Every family with young children, going through a family breakup - a divorce, should read this book and have a dialogue with their children. As the author of this book, it was designed to help our young children better cope with divorces, as they are the silent victims in divorces...they don't get a say. Still A Family, even though dealing with the dynamics of a family breakup, puts a positive spin on the divorce process. I was happy that I was able to use my girls" personal experience, to influence and encourage me to write this book. The book has a positive ending, whereas, personally I did not. Writing the book was very therapeutic for me and I've begun to write a book series on Grace and Mia (my daughters' character’s name, which they chose). I've often wondered, if this particular book existed, when I separated from my spouse in October 2013, could have had a positive, happy ending...hmmmmmmmm. I wholeheartedly believe that this book will help some parents, facing a divorce, become friends and better co-parents for the sake of the children. It's what we do as parents


Received my signed copy of Grace and Mia Go To Counseling today!!!!!! Haven’t read in entirety yet BUT 1) illustration -  BEAUTIFUL, 2) dedication to Tony - AWESOME, 3) activities - INFORMATIVE and ENGAGING - both the parent and kids can engage and learn from the questions and learn about themselves!!!! I can’t wait to read this weekend - you have done a beautiful job!!! About the book revision opportunity/ offer - you GOT this! Funny - my daughter is in UNR studying Journalism and wants to work in publishing and graphic design....we may be moving to South Carolina when you offer her an internship!!!!?????😃 Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot!

Kimberly King